The Top 60 Remote Work Websites for New Opportunities in 2022

The Top 60 Remote Work Websites for New Opportunities in 2022; If you have ever thought about working from home in the past, you probably found that it was pretty tough to find a remote role. However, with so many changes in society in the last few years, that has started to change.

The Top 60 Remote Work Websites for New Opportunities in 2022
The Top 60 Remote Work Websites for New Opportunities in 2022

In 2021, around 39 million Americans stated that they planned to work remotely. Working from home is better for the environment, and it can help companies cut overhead costs, too. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, remote work has become more common. In March 2021, around six out of 10 workers were working remotely at least part-time.

Around 44% of companies don’t allow remote work, but that means that there are another 56% of companies that do. Remote work creates a better work-life balance, which is why so many people are in favor of working remotely today.

While there are challenges to working remotely, such as loneliness and separating home life from work life, around 74% of workers said that being able to work remotely would make them more likely to stay with a company.

If you want to go remote, you need to find a remote job. This is a compilation of 60 of the best remote work websites, so that you can get started on your job search.

The Top 60 Remote Work Websites for New Opportunities in 2022
The Top 60 Remote Work Websites for New Opportunities in 2022

60 Best Remote Work Websites

1. FlexJobs

Best for: All industries

FlexJobs offers flexible jobs that include part-time, freelance and remote jobs. There are no ads, but you will need to pay a fee to join as a member of the site.

2. Freelancer

Best for: New or experienced freelancers, all industries

Freelancer is a platform that hosts a variety of remote jobs that may be offered as contests or hourly gigs. There are eight free applications prior to paying a membership fee.

3. SolidGigs

Best for: Designers, copywriters, marketers, consultants

SolidGigs says that it sorts through contract and remote jobs to find the top 1% of freelance jobs on the market for those who come to the site.

4. Dynamite Jobs

Best for: All industries

Dynamite Jobs is a job board site that hosts remote jobs. Each job must be 100% remote, open and paid to be listed, which makes this a great place to look for work.

5. EuropeRemotely

Best for: Freelancers in the EU

EuropeRemotely allows you to look for jobs based in Europe. These remote jobs are specifically curated for people in Europe.

6. Remotive

Best for: All industries

Remotive hosts a job board that allows job seekers to search through categories. It also has community newsletters, interviews and more with no membership requirement.

7. TranslatorsCafe

Best for: Translators and language experts, transcriptionists and voice-over professionals

TranslatorsCafé looks like an old-school forum, but it has current remote jobs for people in linguistic and translation-focused roles.

8. Idealist

Best for: Education professionals, health and medicine providers, community developers

Idealist posts remote jobs across different categories. Hundreds of opportunities are available sorted by location, skill or other keyword.

9. GrowthHub

Best for: All industries

GrowthHub allows users to search for jobs on a job board that can be filtered down to highlight remote roles in the location that is desired.

10. Monster

Best for: All industries

Monster is one of the largest job boards, and most prominent, so it has an almost unlimited number of remote job postings. Search through thousands of potential jobs here.

11. Glassdoor

Best for: All Industries

Glassdoor is often used to learn about companies, but it can be a good place to find work, too. Type “remote” into the search engine to find positions around the world.

12. Media Bistro

Best for: Marketers, publishers, television professionals

Media Bistro lets you find careers in Media. Search by typing “remote” to find work available remotely all around the country from businesses like NBC and HBO.

13. Indeed

Best for: Marketing professionals

While anyone can search for work on Indeed, it’s particularly helpful for marketing professionals. Many industries do post to this job search engine.


Best for: Operations, finance, marketing professionals

NODESK boasts a curated collection of remote work resources for “digital nomads” and those looking to switch to remote work.

15. Dribbble

Best for: Graphic designers, illustrators, web designers

Dribbble showcases creative work and lets creative professionals connect to remote work options. The dropdown menu has a “remote” option to select for an easy search.

16. Landing.Jobs

Best for: European workers

Landing.Jobs hosts jobs for many of the leading European companies. Every job seeker goes through a personalized experience where they’re connected with technology companies throughout Europe.

17. GitHub

Best for: Developers

GitHub hosts all kinds of jobs, but most are available to developers. Users need to type “remote” into the location to have remote jobs pull up with each search.

18. Stack Overflow

Best for: Web developers

Stack Overflow is best for web developers looking for remote jobs. Search by company, location, compensation and more with dropdown search menus.

19. Hundred5 (Toggl Hire)

Best for: Social media experts

Hundred5 hosts its job board on Facebook, and new jobs are posted to the group’s timeline. A short quiz is required to apply to a job.

20. Power to Fly

Best for: Women job seekers

Power to Fly was created to connect women with companies looking for remote workers. Workers are matched for two to four weeks to make sure the employer and worker are happy working together.

21. SitePoint Jobs

Best for: Developers, designers, digital professionals

SitePoint now offers remote jobs that users can search for by filtering down to relevant industries and locations. Filters include by region, geographic location and specific skills.

22. ProBlogger

Best for: Copywriters

ProBlogger offers access to job postings for full-time copywriting positions, contract gigs and freelance jobs.

23. Freelance Writing

Best for: Writers

Freelance Writing is a site for companies to hire writers and for writers to find business. Since 1997, the website has provided access to jobs and writer resources.

24. Textbroker

Best for: Writers

Textbroker rates writers on a scale from 2 to 4 stars. Writers take on assignments and get paid per word. Payments are made directly to PayPal weekly.

25. Authentic Jobs

Best for: Developers and creatives

Easily toggle to “remote” to search through job postings on Authentic Jobs. Postings come from clients like Tesla, The New York Times and other popular brands.

26. RubyNow

Best for: Ruby developers

RubyNow is specifically designed for Ruby developers. The site boasts over 5,000 job postings since 2005.

27. Contena

Best for: Writers, content marketers and editors

Contena is a writing- and editing-focused remote job site. Freelance jobs and full-time remote work is available on the site.

28. Rise

Best for: Women who want to start freelancing

Rise is unique because it is a remote job site for women. It hosts remote jobs, contract-based projects and other flexible positions.

29. 100 Telecommute Jobs

Best for: Accounting and finance professionals, call center agents, communications experts

100 Telecommute Jobs has multiple categories of remote jobs available. There are no membership fees, so it’s easy to search for jobs posted by companies throughout this country and others.

30. Remote Jobs Club

Best for: Developers, copywriters, marketers, designers

Remote Jobs Club sends out bi-weekly emails with information about current jobs. It’s a free site that delivers remote job postings straight to your inbox.

31. JustRemote

Best for: Human resources professionals, writers, sales, SEO, markers

JustRemote has hundreds of new remote job listings monthly that help people find fully or partially remote jobs around the world. A $12 monthly fee is required for the Power Search feature.

32. Angel List

Best for: People who want to work with startup companies

Angel List is one of the better sites to use to look for remote jobs with new, up-and-coming businesses. Salary transparency sets this site apart.

33. Guru

Best For: New or experienced freelancers

Guru makes it easy for freelancers to set up a profile and connect with potential clients. There is a fee to join the website.

34. Craigslist

Best For: New or experienced freelancers

Craigslist is completely free and available around the world. There are gig-based, remote, full- and part-time jobs available in corresponding cities.

35. Fiverr

Best for: All industries

Fiverr is unique, because it allows individuals to set up products and services that they offer remotely. Whether you’re a marketer, writer or developer, you can post a service and complete jobs for clients.

36. Freelancermap

Best for: IT professionals

Freelancer map hosts thousands of IT projects and jobs. While most are contract-based, some are also remote and may be in location such as the UAE, Spain and Sweden.

37. Business Talent Group

Best for: Senior level executives

Consulting at the Business Talent Group gives more freedom to independent consultants, executives and project managers. Remote jobs allow talent to work from anywhere.

38. Axiom Law

Best for: Legal professionals

Axiom Law believes that law is going to go remote. It matches lawyers and attorneys with companies looking to have remote legal teams on their side.

39. Remoters

Best for: European consultants, software developers, marketers, business executives

Remoters is helpful because it has a remote job board that is broken into categories. For those interested in working with European companies, this is a place to start.

40. Hitmarker

Best for: People passionate about e-sports and gaming

Hitmarker is for professional gamers and e-sports participants. The site offers positions by level and contract, making it easy to sort through remote jobs that fit your needs.

41. TravelMassive

Best for: People with a passion for travel, marketers, sales teams

TravelMassive is a leading travel industry site. Remote jobs are posted from all over the world, which allows people to travel as they work remotely.

42. Upwork

Best for: Freelancers, writers, editors, videographers, developers

Upwork is a popular website for almost every freelance niche. Unlike some sites, Upwork takes a 20% cut of your pay from clients as a fee for its services.

43. Remotely Awesome Jobs

Best for: All industries

Like some other sites, Remotely Awesome Jobs collects job postings from multiple job boards all into one place. There are tags at the top of the page that let you search for specific job types.

44. Remote4Me

Best for: Developers, engineers, Sales, HR, SEO

Remote4Me is designed for people working in the tech industry and collects remote job postings from around 40 job boards into one easy-to-use site. It’s also completely free to use.

45. Amazon Mechanical Turk

Best for: Gig work

Amazon Mechanical Turk doesn’t necessarily connect people with high-paying remote work, but it can depending on the clients that use the workers and their skills. Earnings go to an Amazon Payments account.

46. CrowdContent

Best for: Editors, copywriters

CrowdContent connect editors and copywriters to clients through a job board or designated teams. Work comes through its marketplace. Completed work is paid directly to PayPal twice weekly.

47. HubStaff Talent

Best for: Side hustlers in all industries

HubStaff Talent requires job seekers to set up a profile before accessing a list of new remote jobs. Jobs are posted daily, but they significantly range in value.

48. Aprés

Best for: Women returning from maternity leave

Aprés is designed to help women get back into the workforce after maternity leave by going to a remote work schedule. There is a fee to sign up, but the site offers online courses, career coaching and more.


Best for: Software developers is focused on helping connect software developers to potential employers remotely. The company lets you link LinkedIn, GitHub and other profiles to complete online applications for remote gigs.

50. We Work Remotely

Best for: Copywriters, business management, programming, customer support

We Work Remotely is another job board that is broken down into categories. There are several different industries that stand out. The site was one of the first of its kind and requires a $299 payment to post a job.

51. Outsourcely

Best for: Web developers, telemarketers, virtual assistants, copywriters

Outsourcely offers full-time remote jobs from employers around the world rather than gig-based projects, which is helpful for people looking for more regular work.

52. Workew

Best for: All industries

Workew is a remote jobs board that can be filtered by job type, location and more. The site is completely free.

53. Jobspresso

Best for: All industries

Jobspresso offers a free job board for people searching for work. Companies, on the other hand, may pay to have their jobs boosted. Every job is hand-picked and checked over by the staff.

54. Working Nomads

Best for: Development and software engineers

Working Nomads is subscription based and provides a curated list of remote jobs to its users’ inboxes. Job categories range, but the most jobs are posted in development and software engineering.

55. Skip the Drive

Best for: All industries

Skip the Drive makes it simple to look for remote work by adding a unique filtering system to its site. You can search by the date a job was posted, full- or part-time work, location and relevance. The site pools jobs from other job-listing sites, too.

56. CloudPeeps

Best for: Social media gurus, marketing and copywriting professionals

CloudPeeps is a good site for those with a portfolio of work. Becoming a “peep” is a way to expand on your current business model with a freelance goal.

57. Virtual Vocations

Best for: All industries

Virtual Vocations offers membership packages for talent looking for remote work. It provides a job application history feature and a money-back guarantee when using the subscription service.

58. Remote.ok

Best for: Developers, designers, marketers and sales

Remote.ok has an interesting method of promoting possible remote workplaces: A live ranking of the companies offering remote work. They’re ranked by how often they hire, so that’s helpful knowledge for anyone on the job hunt.

59. 99designs

Best for: Designers

99designs is for designers. It helps designers showcase their work while connecting with possible clients and competing for gigs. Gigs are typically freelance but may be remote, too.

60. The Muse

Best for: All industries

The Muse allows talent to search by location for flexible and remote work. Remote jobs ranging from ESL gigs to sales roles come up on the site. Uniquely, the site offers professional coaching and online courses, too.

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