How to Register a Trademark?

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Trademark Registration: How is it done?

Trademark registration has become extremely important to start a new job or to take an existing job to the next level. People who want to progress on this subject or turn their work into a clear value should first learn the concept of brand in its full sense.

Because the trademark concept will become much more understandable to register a trademark together. Registration of trademarks will be a more complicated and difficult situation for people to know the concept of trademark.

The concept of a brand is expressed as a step that defines the product or service of the sales person. This step occurs in different ways. The brand concept can be stepped in any way, such as a sign, symbol or name.

The concept of branding has started to come to the fore very recently. About 25 years ago, the first steps of branding began to be taken. Today, even assets are evaluated through brands.

The Apple brand is actually the best example of this. Because brands like Apple can now reach values much greater than their material value. Since brands have such great material values, they bring some points with them.

In particular, the protection of brands has become very important now. The protection of brands does not only cover material attacks. At the same time, a protection is required against studies that will defame the brands.

What is Trademark Registration and How to Register Trademarks?

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Trademark Registration: Trademarks

Regardless of the field of a firm or business, it has to brand to distinguish itself from its competitors. In order to become a brand, it is necessary to make some differences. Differentiation encompasses everything from packaging to logos.

A brand does not just have to explain the products or sales of the companies. In addition to these, it can tell everything from its founding story to its goals. This fact shows how important brand logo and design issues are.

After these studies, the subject of trademark registration becomes much more important for companies. In order to register a trademark, it is necessary to carry out a very serious and extensive study.

Trademark registration processes are not as simple or short as it seems. Companies generally do not want to leave their business to chance by getting professional support for the registration process.

The activities of the brands should be processed in a way that is valid not only for the country but also for different countries. Because after receiving a trademark registration application, this situation gives companies legal rights in different countries.

Where to Apply for Trademark Registration?


Registration applications of trademarks are made to certain companies. In our country, the institution that advances this process is the Turkish Patent Institute. Since 1995, all branding activities in our country are evaluated by TPK.

On the other hand, after the trademark registration, rights such as licensing, transferring or inheritance are also granted to the owner of the company. Trade names of brands are a process followed by the Chamber of Commerce. Both of these companies shape their work according to the field in which the company will be branded.

What You Need to Know About Trademark Registration Procedures

Requirements for the brand

Trademark registration periods in countries are different from each other. Each country makes decisions and studies in line with its own standards. In our country, the trademark registration period is quite fast compared to other countries.

The aim of this is that our country wants to encourage people to export and innovation. If the applications are made completely and no problems arise, the trademarks are registered within 10 – 12 months. This period may seem long to people at first.

But this period lasts between 15 and 18 months in the USA. Japan completes the process in 20 months. The longest period is in Italy with 24 months. On the other hand, there may be shortening of the times or advantages and disadvantages depending on the path to be followed.

Companies that have registered trademarks hold the registration rights for 10 years. During this 10-year period, companies can extend the period at any time. Where the trademark is registered, it is valid there. In order to register trademarks in different countries, it is necessary to apply to the trademark registration offices of those countries.

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