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What SPSS Can Do in Biostatistics Analysis

What Can Do in Biostatistics Analysis
What Can Do in Biostatistics Analysis

SPSS program is a computer program for statistical analysis, which was released in 1968. SPSS is similar to Excel at first glance, but it has analyzes that are impossible to do in Excel. In this respect, it is used in scientific studies. SPSS is especially used by social scientists. Social scientists benefit from the SPSS biostatistics program in their academic studies and survey studies.

SPSS Program


In studies conducted with SPSS biostatistics, the demographic characteristics of the participants participating in the surveys, frequency and percentage calculations, reliability, correlation, regression and difference analyzes are performed. Also,

  • In finding the reliability coefficient of the survey,
  • In doing factor analysis
  • Finding the numbers and ratios according to changes such as the gender of the respondents, the school they graduated from, marital status
  • Showing the found values with figures such as tables and graphs
  • Determining whether there is a correlation between two data
  • In detecting whether any data differs statistically between two options.

SPSS biostatistics is used.

What Good is Knowing SPSS


What Good is Knowing
What Good is Knowing

Statistical analysis companies use this program to analyze some of their measurements in their studies. The frequency method is used by the employees of this company when it is desired to determine the numerical distribution of the data. Descriptive statistics are used to calculate values such as mean, mode and standard deviation with the resulting data. Descriptive statistical and frequency analysis are basic analyzes and those who want to analyze can easily do this.

Relationship or comparison analysis is grouped under two groups. These groups,

  • parametric
  • non-parametric

is named as. Here, it is decided by some criteria which analysis method will be used or not. The main criterion is whether the data are homogeneous or suitable for normal distribution. Normal distribution and homogeneity data order are indicators of how scattered the data are, that is, they provide information on how close or far the data are from each other.

One of the mistakes made in SPSS biostatistics analysis applications is the use of traditional approaches. The biggest mistake before SPSS analysis is choosing wrong data and selecting missing data. In addition, after choosing wrong and incomplete data, trying to do the same analysis that someone else has done is another mistake.

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