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Definition of Adulthood
Definition of Adulthood

The word adult is derived from the past tense of the Latin verb “adolescere” meaning to grow up. In other words, adult means “grown person”. Adulthood is also called “maturity period”. Because during this period, the adult is considered to have matured physically and psychologically. Maturity is; It is the ability of individuals to adapt successfully to the necessities and necessities of life and to constantly change within it. The maturation process is the search for harmony between human beings and the world.

Usually the beginning of adulthood for societies; It means the same as having finished his education, started a business life or got married.

On the other hand, we see that adulthood is associated with old age or biological and social change. “Biological aging”, changes in the structure and functioning of the human organism over time; “Social aging”, on the other hand, includes the changes that occur over time in the individual’s taking on and leaving roles. However, the individual goes through many stages, both social and biological, from birth to death.

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